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Automate Your Accounts Receivable
Get your invoices paid faster with less effort.

Automate your receivables

It's your money.

You don't need another expensive business loan. You need the money you're owed.

Reduce manual entries
PayProfile syncs with your existing accounting software, saving you the time and hassle of entering data.

Optimize payment terms
Some customers pay fast, some pay slow. Assign customized payment terms to each customer.

Send automated reminders
Set up custom schedules for invoice payment reminders. Each reminder provides a secure payment URL.

Accept online payments
Easily set up an online merchant account to accept credit card, debit card and bitcoin payments.

Automated invoice reminders.

Stop spending all your time sending out manual invoice reminders. Once you set up your reminder schedules, everything becomes automated.

Different schedules for different customers.

Customers respond differently to payment reminders. With PayProfile, you can choose to send frequent reminders to some customers while limiting the number sent to other customers.

Original invoice attached.

Each reminder includes the original invoice attached as a PDF file. This allow the customer to easily view itemized details.

Phone reminder

Customers get discounts. Suppliers get paid.

Effective cash management is vital to the financial health of a business. PayProfile allows buyers to obtain greater discounts on their purchases in exchange for early payment. This gives the buyer a risk-free return while providing the supplier with quick access to cash. Payments can be scheduled in advance, ensuring payments are made at the most opportune time.

Monitor discount

Optimize your cash flow

Using the interactive discount planner, you can plan and schedule invoice payment discount to optimize your cash flow. Adjust the discount rate and expiry date until you reach your preferred effective annual interest rate.

Once a discount and payment date has been set, payment can be automatically scheduled by the customer. This ensures payment is completed at the most opportune time for both parties.

Invoice Total: $4,920.13
Invoice Date: Oct 16, 2019
Due Date: Jan 14, 2020
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Keep your data in sync.

Import your data automatically, saving you time and reducing data input error. Connect your PayProfile account with your accounting or invoicing app to ensure your invoices are up to date and payments are recorded promptly.

Monitor sync

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